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Best Free Android Games

If you’re looking best free android games for your mobile. Its a right place for you. Check out out here top free android games list.Best Free Android Games

TechTrendsGeek presents best free android games 2017 -18. If you want to play games on your android phone, then you can read here 20 best free game apps review, features and get free game apps download link also. Games are fun and they are even more fun when they are free. Paying for games can get expensive and downright boring.

Free games can range from basic card games to complex strategy. We have chosen what We believe are the 20 Best Free Android Games. We look at reviews for those We have not played. Or we will choose from personal experience as we have played some of these games our self through my our  phone. Download the top new game apps for your Android tablet or smartphone!

20 Best Free Android Games & Free Download Link Apps

1) Basic Card Games

This category of Free Android Games includes Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell, Hearts, Rummy, etc. Currently I have Rummy! And I love that there are achievements throughout the game. The most recent one I got was “you got 100 Rummies! Way to go!” It is so encouraging to know. Even with basic games like these you can always challenge yourself to beat your number of moves, or your time. And for Hearts and Rummy, you can play against the computer or a number of chosen opponents. I prefer to play against the computer to prove that the human brain is way smarter than technology. So far, I am doing pretty well at convincing myself this is true.

2) Fun Card Games

Uno! is one I just recently found on here. I have yet to download it and see how the app plays. But it has a 4.1/5 rating for gameplay, graphics and controls. Highlights of the reviews call this addictive and a great time passer. Phase 10 is a game I have yet to play on my phone as well but I love the hand held version. Unfortunately it has lower ratings of 3.5/5 due to too many ads, shorter rounds, and harder to play. That is a little disappointing. Check here best apps for kids.

3) Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is one Free Android Game I have played and I love it. This is a different way to play the classic card game and there are different versions with different themes. I personally love all things Ancient Egypt so of course the “Pyramid” part caught my eye. It has a high rating of 4.4/5 for the addictive factor, and the extra challenge it provides, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I know the tutorial for this way to play is fairly simple and very easy to follow.

4) Puzzles – Best Free Android Games

Jigsaw puzzles are always fun. I remember sitting at the table with my grandparents to put these together. Unfortunately I do not get the same memories but I still enjoy puzzles. Jigsaw Puzzles World is one of the Free Android Games that comes with a great rating of 4.7/5 for the relaxing and real feel of putting puzzles together. It offers a great variety of options from small to large pieces, and different number sizes from 24 to 384 pieces. There are in-app purchases but I have never used these.

5) Puzzle Games

Yes this is different than Jigsaw Puzzles, I promise. Puzzle games require a bit more thought and strategy than just putting pieces together. Unblock Me is one such puzzle game destined to give your brain a workout. Rated 4.3/5, the object of this Free Android Game is to get the red block out from all the brown ones. The brown blocks must be slid around the board until you can slide the red one out and free it. It has high ratings for being addictive, challenging, relaxing, a great time passer, and exercise for the brain. It is considered one of the best puzzle games for Android.

6) Wheel of Fortune, a second Puzzle game

As I said, I am a word lover. I love Wheel of Fortune. It was one of those shows I watched with my grandparents and, when I was small enough (which is a whole lot smaller than now) I would curl up on my grandma’s lap to watch it. We would try to guess the phrase before my grandpa could. (He couldn’t beat us MOST of the time). I love that is one of the Free Android Games, although there are in-app purchases. For those unfamiliar with Wheel of Fortune, the object is to guess the phrase before the other players do. You win money and if you win the rounds, there are bonus rounds.

7) Word Games

I am a word loving, book worming, English major. The Android phones offer everything from word searches and crosswords to games that are much more challenging.

I personally like one called Pressed for Words, rated 3.9/5. The lower rating comes from complaints of too many ads, which I had no problem with. But this rating is also on the higher end due to the educational and challenging factors. The concept in this Free Android Game is straight forward. You are given 6+ letters to jumble around and make as many small words out of it as you can in the time given (2-3 minutes). The main object is to unscramble the letters for one big word.

8) Maze and Adventure Games

Now we move onto more strategic and adventurous ventures. Pac Man is a classic that everyone should at least recognize by that hungry yellow circle. Eat the power, chase the ghosts, and beat the maze! As a Free Android Game it has a rating of 4.1/5 because of the classic factor and is still considered the best arcade game out there.

9) Temple Run

Temple Run has become almost as popular as Pac Man. This adds a thrill concept to Free Android Games if you’re not exactly the puzzle/ hard use of your brain type. In this game you play an archaeologist who has stolen a sacred idol. The object is to run back through the maze of a temple and exit without dying. It involves collecting coins, making sharp turns, jumping over fire and breaks in the path, and sliding under booby traps. If you’re an Indiana Jones lover, this is the game for you!Bonus, there is a Temple Run 2.

10) Fantastic Beasts Cases

Another highly rated and familiar looking adventure Top Free Android Game is Fantastic Beasts Cases. Brought to the Android phones through Warner Bros. International, it is a well-earned 4.5/5 stars for the graphics, the challenge, and the ease of play. There are beasts to protect, witnesses to interview, evidence to analyze, muggles to keep from getting too close to the truth, and more. Just make sure to impress the Ministry of Magic as you solve these magical mysteries. For those who love Harry Potter, users would 10/10 recommend this to you!

11) Dumb Ways to Die (the Original)

I do not know about you, but I find the videos on YouTube hilarious! For those who don’t understand, look it up. It is funnier if you see the Dumb Ways to Die video rather than having me explain it. For those who understand what I mean by Dumb Ways to Die, and if you liked it (cause come on, who doesn’t?), there is a Free Android Game waiting for you! It’s unsurprisingly high rating of 4.5/5 is due to the graphics (the same as the video), the humor that catches unsuspecting lookers’ attention, and the challenge. Plus, more characters have been added aside from the ones seen in the videos.

12) Despicable Me: Minion Rush

I love Minions! So clearly I have played this. In fact I call my kids my minions. This is similar to the concept of Temple Run where you play the character that is running down the path, collecting and avoiding stuff. This time you are a Minion running down the middle of streets and through houses. You are collecting ba-ba-ba ba-na-na-na-na and you can run on top of cars. The 4.4/5 rating is for the addictive factor, which I can totally agree on, the challenge and great entertainment. The Minions remain adorable and humorous into the game as they were in the movies.

13) Broken Screen Pranks

I chose this because I was intrigued, and for the high rating of 4.5/5. I like to laugh and this seems humorous. It is rated for the funny factor although some users consider it boring. Basically, this Free Android Game is being able to send a broken screen look to your friends’ phones to make them think their phone screen is broken. My husband would totally use this, but I am not so sure I would. Depends on your humor I guess…

14) Gems or Jewels

This Free Android Game is a knock-off of Bejeweled, the popular puzzle game. On my Kyocera, the reviews give it a very high rating of 4.7/5 for easy play yet challenging levels, lack of glitches which adds to the relaxation feature, and a great time killer. Users will tell you that it is very smooth running. The appropriate term for this kind of game is Match 3. A selection of jewels/gems falls down onto the screen and you have to match three or more in a row to clear them from the board. This game uses skill, logic and imagination as you level up. And along the way you can earn gifts and rewards.

15) Logo Game – The Best New Free Game Apps for Android

I have personally played this Free Android Game. You are given a logo and have to figure out what the name of the company is. This includes Hello Kitty, Pringles, KFC, Starbucks, Firefox, Pepsi, etc. It is rated 4.1/5 for being addictive, adding challenge, and educational. It makes you think and remember which additional exercise for your brain is. I can agree with the challenge factor as there are brands in the game that I did not know. Like car models; I am not a car person (this is where my husband came in).

16) Escape the Prison

Escape the Prison is an adventure game that I tried and it has high ratings 4.1/5. In this quest, you have to solve riddles, figure out complex locks, and even combine objects to escape. I could not finish this so I must say it is definitely a good one if you are looking for a challenge. It is also a Best Free Android Games without in-app purchases however it does leave users wanting more. There are very many other games on the Android phones that do offer expansions for a price.

17) Ball-Hop Anniversary

So the title is an off brand name of Skee Ball, which I adore playing in person so I am definitely going to have to try this game. The high rating of 4.3/5 is for the addiction factor, a good time killer, and the old school felt. The original game of Skee Ball is to roll a ball up a ramp into a ring that is worth so many points (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100). For the Free Android Game, it is the same concept with the same point system but you are using your fingers on a screen.

If you don’t have money for the arcade (probably because you just bought your phone or paid the bill), users say this is as close to the real thing as you are going to get. Also, word of advice from a comment, better to play with index finger than your thumb.

18) 8 Ball Pool

For all my classic game lovers, there is a free version of pool on your Android! You are very welcome, and it comes with a 4.5/5 rating. You can play against friends or the computer, which as stated with the card games, I prefer. There are even challenges added for playing. The addiction factor of this game makes users want to spend money on the in-app purchases. But other users for this Free Android Game say it is a great way to connect with your friends if you don’t have time for the real game.

19) Mahjong

Another classics game, Mahjong was usually played on the computer. The object of this Free Android Game is matching the tiles to remove them from the design. There are three available game modes to play from and a time attack version where you can time your play as you get better. For advanced players, there is a challenge option. In this you get to choose your own tiles, and the faster you remove those chosen tiles from the board, the bigger a bonus will appear to your score. There are no in-app purchases for this 4.3/5 rating for the addiction, the challenge, and the relaxation mode.

20) Pokemon Go

With all the excitement (and stupidity) that came out with this Free Android Game, how could I not add it to the list? My husband played it, I did not. Just like the shows and the card game, you get to catch Pokemon and look for rare characters. However, the bonus is that you gotta go outside to catch em all. As the classic game goes, when you collect you can care for them and battle against others.

You can also connect to groups in the surrounding areas to help point you in the right direction and build an army. Unsurprisingly, the rating is not as high as one might think only 4.1/5 but it is addictive enough that you might not pay attention to the signs when crossing the street (as some people risked their lives for this game). Users enjoy the concept and graphics but notice there are some location issues at the same time.


These are free android games will help you to enjoy your free time. These are Best Free Android Games apps list create as game lovers vote. If you are new Gamers then  you should try this list.

Enjoy your games. There are many more Free Android Games out there! But these are our  top 20 games.